StormX is an end of pipe netting system designed to capture gross pollutants and handle powerful stormwater runoff.

  • This trap can be used for combined sewer overflow applications as well as stormwater and is a highly effective defense against “first flush” contaminants.
  • UV resistant, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) nets are re-usable and provide full capture of gross pollutants as small as 5 mm, including organic materials such as leaves that could reduce the levels of phosphorus and nitrogen in a waterway.
  • The StormX’s 304/316 stainless steel hubs are mechanically anchored into the concrete or attached to existing pipe ends/outfalls. All stainless steel StormX hubs are made in the USA.
  • Standard sizes are 18” to 84” with custom sizes also available.
  • Nets are a minimum of 5 feet with custom lengths also available.
  • The StormX is easily maintained and can be emptied with a truck-mounted crane or a two-person crew.

*Specification sheet is available upon request

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